IBRAM Holds The Amazon and New Economies International Conference in Belém, in the State of Pará

The conference will take place between August 30th and September 1st

The Amazon is undergoing several transformations that require the establishment of a new productive paradigm, which, at the same time, leverages and dynamizes the local economy, guarantees the conservation of biodiversity and promotes the end of deforestation.

To discuss the development of the new economies in this important Brazilian region, the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM), in partnership with the government of Pará state, will take place from August 30th to September 1st, in Belém (PA), the Amazon and New Economies International Conference.

“The future of the world is linked to the future of the Amazon. Conserving biodiversity and fighting deforestation are actions that depend directly on the economic alternatives that are presented to the people who live in the Amazon, for their livelihood and deserved social progress. Therefore, we believe that this conference will provide qualified debates, in addition to creating a network of articulation and support for the new economies in the Amazon”, says the CEO of IBRAM, Raul Jungmann.

The event, restricted to guests, will bring presentations, debates and business exhibitions, by the main authorities, specialists, investors, organizations and local and national leaders who have debated and consolidated the theme in the Amazon.

Among the themes that will be discussed during the event are: the challenges for the development of cities in the Amazon, the new economy based on ancestral practices of indigenous and traditional peoples, financing of the new economies, climate security, climate transition and strategic minerals, national and international challenges to face environmental crimes in the Amazon, as well as public health, the fight against inequalities, food security, and poverty eradication.

Service: The Amazon and New Economies International Conference

Date: August 30th to September 1st

Place: Belém (PA)

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