Event in Brasilia Presents the Conference to Strategic Audiences

At the event, which brought together around 150 people, mining representatives spoke about sustainable practices in the sector and reaffirmed their commitment to sustainable socioeconomic development for the Amazon region. The presentation of International Conference The Amazon and New Economies (Belém, from August 30th to September 1st) for government representatives, industry leaders, parliamentarians, ambassadors and journalists, took place on Wednesday, July 12th, at the headquarters of the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM), in Brasília (DF).

As the CEO of IBRAM, Raul Jungmann, highlighted, “the Amazon is at the center of the issue that is central to humanity, which is exactly the issue of the climate crisis and how to overcome it. For this reason, the Brazilian mineral sector decided to embrace the Amazon. Embracing the Amazon means that we want to preserve, yes, but also to develop the Amazon. Today, we know that it is sustainability that has to lead to profit”.

The Secretary for the Environment and Sustainability of the state of Pará, Mauro O’de Almeida, spoke of the expectation that the meeting will produce good content for the development of public policies. “What will be discussed in Belém will leave a legacy for the world. From these discussions, led by IBRAM, we will have good content to apply in public policies”.

Former Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira highlighted the relevance of the environmental agenda for the country. “Brazil is a country which applies to have solutions for its development process. And, more than that, solutions to deal with the eradication of hunger and inequality in that country”. The director of Institutional Relations at Vale, Luiz Ricardo Santiago and the senior manager of Institutional Relations at Hydro, Paula Marlieri, also addressed those present.

After the speeches, the guests participated in a cocktail filled with food from Pará, such as açaí, Brazil nuts, pirarucu de casaca, tacacá and cupuaçu bonbon.


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